Bicchiere in melamina Dino - Medium

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Bicchiere in melanina Dino

The popular medium RICE melamine cup - with wild dinosaurs in blue and green shades. The cup is one of our favorite products... Use it for anything - to drink, for pencils or knick-knacks, take it with you on a picnic, or use it for beautiful flowers and fresh herbs. Be creative and use the cup to fit your exact need - it is up to you! We believe in colors and everyday magic!


  • bicchiere per bambini in melamina
  • età consigliata: dai 6 mesi
  • lavabile in lavastoviglie
  • non adatto al microonde
  • marca: Rice
  • capacità 250ml

Diametro (cm): 9

Altezza (cm): 9

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