Gioco Shanghai in legno - Apple Pie

Gioco Shanghai in legno

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Gioco Shanghai in legno

What would a games night be without the classic game of pick-up sticks? Now’s the time to see who has the steadiest hand in. Hold the game sticks together, like a handful of pasta, place them on the table and release. Now the game can begin. Pick up the sticks, one by one, without any of the others moving, otherwise it’s the next player’s turn. In this game, both children and parents can train their concentration and fine motor skills. The sticks come in four colours and in different patterns, which represent their value in points. Under the lid, you’ll find five colour combinations to easily tally up each player’s points. When the game is over, you can collect everything in the accompanying wooden box with a sliding lid.


  • età consigliata: 60+ mesi
  • contiene 42 bacchette


Dimensioni (cm): 24 x 5 x 4

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